While everyone decided to use their creative writing skills to defend or attack Stephen Colbert over a tweet that used racist satire to mock the Washington Redskins, I’ve decided to cover the most central aspect of all this melodrama — Suey Park.  Because to understand #CancelColbert, you have to  understand its creator. The last time I wrote about Suey I ended my analysis of her by suggesting that she’d be better off on a therapist’s couch. So imagine my joy when I found out she took my advice to seek help.


But it appears the lure of twitter fame and the opportunities it brings is too great to ignore because once again Suey can’t quit herself. You would think that for all the offline activism she claims be doing she would have less time to tweet but no. Suey spent her entire weekend engaged in a full on meltdown portraying herself as a victim and trying to convince her haters that #cancelcolbert was satire,  she’s too young to suffer the wrath of the internet, and that she’s the real deal because she’s turned down obscene  amounts of money from elitist Asians to ride or die with black feminists.  As a woman of color feminist myself, I’m not impressed.

For someone who is always on bed rest and suffers from a severe anxiety and eating disorder Suey sure likes making herself the center of attention. When the pressure becomes too much to bear she uses her chronic illness as an excuse to not engage with people who disagree with her.

disabled activist

Her sensitivity to being questioned was on display when she appeared on Huffpostlive with white, male host Josh Zepps. Right off the bat she was defensive and Zepps returned the attitude which Suey labeled as condescending, sexist, and racist. When he called her opinion stupid she really lost it and became combative. After she was dismissed from the show she took to twitter to call for his head and lied about having her mic cut even saying the segment hadn’t aired at all.

josh zepps

what if its a really stupid opinion

your opinion is stupid

Calling for someone to be fired solely because he hurt your feelings by calling your opinions stupid is weak, immature, and shows intolerance against those who dare question your intelligence and alleged outrage. Who’s the real bully here?

If Suey is outraged by racist comedy, why not trend #CancelFamilyGuy or #CancelSouthPark which make fun of all races not just Asians? Both shows have white male creators which plays well into Suey’s obsessive anti-white agenda. Speaking of canceling comedy, why not cancel Bill Cosby, a black male comedian facing allegations of raping multiple young women? Isn’t sexual assault far worse than making a joke? He’s on tour now so maybe she should try to cancel it. Oh right, that doesn’t affect her so why should she care.

Suey would rather focus on petty stuff. Earlier this month when one of her gay, white male followers, Brady Forrest, dared to initiate a discussion on gay inclusion and “how representations of queerness can contribute to and perpetuate white heteropatriarchy” he quickly found himself being accused of gaslighting, a form of mental abuse to trick someone into distrusting their own memory and perceptions. Suey showed her disdain for him by expressing her impatience for white allies who should already know better and instructed him to go “look it up”. She then had the nerve to tell him to pretty much delete his post because it highlighted how much of a bitch she is to people who ask innocent questions. Funny that she never asked me to take mine down.


white gays

Your whiteness is already centered? Way to support the gay community Suey! Had those who have committed suicide because of homophobia and non-inclusion known they were special because they were white, they might still be here. For a woman who identifies as queer, she is awfully ignorant.


To disagree with Suey Park is to be a racist, white, mansplaining liberal outraged that a Woman of Color dare speak her mind. I’m none of the above and neither are most of her critics. Ignoring valid criticisms from other women and men of color plays to Suey’s agenda that only white people take issue with her “anti-racist” activism. More on that later.

Let’s not overlook her friendship with Michelle Malkin, a race-baiting liberal-hating, Asian token for the Republican party, who non apologetically wrote about supporting internment of the Japanese people which she says had nothing to with racism.




Has Suey ever called her out on that or the sexism and austerity measures that she peddles for the GOP? Of course not! Michelle has a large audience that she can benefit from therefore upping her follower count to create the false appearance of popularity. For Suey, it’s better to stay quiet about real oppression to gain as much exposure as possible.

What is the real reason behind Suey’s hatred of white people and minorities/men who disagree with her? I’m no psychologist but I know a cry for help when I see one and it appears Suey has left numerous clues explaining her insecurity whether it’s complaning about how much smarter her sister is (forcing her to be the pretty one, no really), whining about how her parents pressured her to be smart and didn’t love her enough, or reliving all those moments white people were mean to her in college.

Here’s an example:

special and important

Suey, girl ya gotta let it go. You’re not the only one who didn’t have perfect parents or the best college experience; be grateful for the supportive community you’ve built which has propelled you to where you are now. But then again, who would Suey be if she didn’t victimize herself?

On a related side note, Suey has a tendency to be triggered (a reflex stemming from mental instability) when people criticize her.

panic attack

triggerYouve triggered me

When Suey is triggered she self-destructs and wallows in self-pity as evidenced below.



Leave it to Suey to once again play the victim card and tell us she’s not who we think she is.

you all know nothing of me

And what picture is that? Now would be the perfect time for Suey to dispel the “myth” that she’s not an attention seeker but that won’t happen because the #CancelColbert hashtag was another successful attempt to rile up the allegedly offended Asian community and their supporters to drum up more media attention for Ms. Park.

give the job directly to suey


Why would she want to appear on a “racist” show that she tried to get canceled? Something is not adding up. Mainstream media desperately needs more women of color, just not women like Suey Park. Asian Americans who don’t take offense to satire are labeled as trolls who are jealous of her high profile and just want to use her. It hasn’t occurred to Ms. Park that not all Asians feel the same as she does and that she doesn’t speak for them all.


jbouie 1

jbouie 2nonChinese folks

She’s also difficult to work with as evidenced by her fallout with 18 Million Rising, an Asian American and Pacific Islander activist organization, which has since deleted their official statement from their website regarding her termination.

18 million rising

When Asians speak out against her she likes to pretend she’s being attacked.

individual egos

No Suey that would be you. The irony of this is clearly lost on her. Suey tends to ignore valid arguments against her because she’s incapable of disproving their points and her knack for trending hashtags and calling it activism is a cop out for not doing the real work.

sanaa 2

sanaa 1kimtastiic

offline organizingtagogo 1

Suey later tried to backtrack by saying her hashtag was satire from the beginning  to prove that she understands it; as though she never really wanted Colbert fired which she doesn’t have the power to do any damn way.  People saw through it and her attempt at damage control failed but she’s still trying to save face.

As this Key and Peele piece,  Make Fun Of Everything, asks “What’s worse: making fun of people or assuming that they’re too weak to take it?” Outrage isn’t really outrage if it’s selective, only affects your people, and serves to elevate your profile.

its all funnyFor Suey, hashtag activism is an egotistical power trip to see how much attention she can generate for herself. Any valid arguments she makes about racism and patriarchy are overshadowed by her incessant narcissism to center herself. According to Suey, any criticism geared towards her is considered character assassination to make her back down from telling the truth. Suey, no one wants to stop you from fighting oppression, we just want you to shut the fuck up about being a victim all the time because you’re not. Shit happens to all of us but that’s life; move forward. Start focusing on the positive things that you’re doing for others rather than whining all the time about how someone made you feel in order to gain sympathy and followers. In the end Suey got exactly what she wanted, not an apology from Colbert but media attention.

To sum this all up, when white people laugh at satire they are racist, but when they don’t laugh at Suey Park’s racist remarks about them they need to lighten up. Got it.


sptranslucent skin

lighten up